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In India, there are separate laws that codify personal law governing persons belonging to major communities like Hindus, Muslims, Parsis, and Christians. A Uniform Civil Code that operates mandatorily across followers of all religions has yet to pass, due to lack of political consensus. This paper covers Personal Laws that govern Hindus. While the origins of personal law can lead us to the scriptures, in terms of codification of the legal principles applicable to Hindus, there are several laws which, put together, provide for most matters that may arise in Personal Law situations. There is also a wealth of case law that have filled the gaps in the laws or have clarified matters shrouded in ambiguity. Four important laws together deal with the most important aspects of personal laws for Hindus, viz. marriage, adoption, divorce, separation and maintenance, rights of minors, and succession/ inheritance.

What you’ll learn
  • check Hindu Marriage Act
  • check Hindu Adoption & Maintenance Act
  • check Hindu Succession Act
Table of contents
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